Science and Technology Conference Programme
„Polyurethanes 2013 – current development trends
”Ustroń, 13-16 October 2013

Hotel „Muflon”

13.10.2013 Sunday
Arrival to the hotel, accommodation.

17.00-21.00 Coffee, tea, hot refreshments

14.10.2013 Monday

8.00   Breakfast

9.00 - 9.10
Conference opening
9.10 - 9.40
F. Bare
iro: Water-based polyurethane dispersions: chemistry, technology and applications
9.40 -11.00
Presentation of Enterprises (2-3 min for each presentation of participants and their enterprises)

11.00 -11.20  Coffee break

11.20 - 13.20
Current trends and novel solutions in polyurethane synthesis
(4 oral presentations, each lasting 30 minutes including 5 minutes for discussion)
- P. Król: Waterborne polyurethane products.
- J. Ryszkowska: Polyurethane composites.
L. Verdolotti, M. Lavorgna, E. Di Maio, S. Iannace: New trends in the field of sustainable hybrid-polyurethane foams.
L. Szczepkowski, A. Prociak, J. Ryszkowska: Development of polyurethanes for automotive industry.

13.30   Lunch

15.00-17.15 Various aspects of polyurethanes’ syntheses and applications

oral presentations, each lasting 25 minutes)
T. Vlcek: Versatile utilization of nanostructures in polyurethane chemistry.
A. Eceiza: High renewable carbon content polyurethanes and their nanocomposites.
B. Pilch-Pitera: New trends of development of polyurethane powder lacquers.
M. Alessandrini: CANNON AFROS – Excellence in dosing and mixing.
G. Mitchener: ,,20 to 2” – Agile NPD for chemical industry.

Coffee break

Poster session

Information about posters (3 minutes per each poster)

19.30  Barbeque: Business in highland-style

15.10.2013 Tuesday

8.00 Breakfast

9.00-11.00 Novel components and polyurethane materials (4 oral presentations, each lasting approximately 30 minutes)
- U. Cabulis: Balance between renewable and recyclable polyols in rigid polyurethane foams.
L. Żabski, J. Papiński: Rigid polyisocyanurate foams – properties and application.
- M. Kirpluks, U. Cabulis, L. Stiebra, A.A. Avots: Nanoparticle influence on high density rigid polyurethane foams obtained from recycled resources.
J. Paciorek-Sadowska, B. Czupryński, J. Liszkowska: The application of selected ash fraction for modification of the properties of rigid PUR-PIR foams.

11.00-11.20 Coffee break

(4 oral presentations, each lasting 25 minutes)
J. Datta, J. Haponiuk, E. Głowińska, M. Włoch: Chemical recycling of polyurethanes using novel bio-based glycols.
- K. Gaca, A. Prociak: Two step polyol synthesis from rapeseed oil - economical and ecological advances.
H. Pawlik, T. Vlček: Lipase catalyzed synthesis of green polyol for polyurethanes.
W. Zatorski, O. Gałkowska: The nanoparticles application in the limiting of  polyurethanes combustion.

13.15-15.00 Lunch

15.00-16.40 Testing and application of polyurethane materials
(4 oral presentations, each lasting 25 minutes)

- B. Waśniewski,  M. Auguścik, M. Krzyżowska, P. Orłowski, J. Ryszkowska: Polycarbonateurethanes as a materials for an intervertebral disc implants – influence of the diisocyanates on properties of the obtained materials.
- M. Rasek, R. Penczek, S. Makarski, J. Franek: Evaluation of performance characteristics of isocyanate based injection materials.
B. Zając: Potentials of using PUR in structural joints in civil engineering in
- aspect of thermal work.
G. Mitchener: "Od 20 do 2" – Holistic NPD for chemical industry.

16.40-17.00 Coffee break

Polyurethanes 2013” – Round Table Discussion
Moderators: Leonard Szczepkowski, Aleksander Prociak
What threatens polyurethanes in the 21st century?
Discussion subjects:
Expansion of PUR over the last 76 years and directions of further development.
- prices of polyurethanes,
toxicity and ecology of polyurethanes’ resources,
application difficulties,
utility hazards (VOC, smell, traces of aromatic amines, hydrolysis to carcinogenic compounds, TDI migration, fire hazards, toxicity of fumes),
pressure to lower the prices and change application properties,
competitiveness of cheaper and safer materials,
development of PUR in the light of UE regulations,
other subjects raised by the participants.

19.00 Official adjournment

20.00 Dinner gala

16.10.2013 Wednesday

Breakfast. Send-off of the conference participants. Departures

Session I-III and Poster Session (“Kotlownia” conference hall)